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kanjivaram sarees online kanjivaram saree

One cannot miss out the name Kanchipuram when thought of beautiful kanjivaram sarees online. Kanchipuram pattu saree is claimed to be equivalent to that of banarasi silk that is popular in the north India.

These kanjivaram silk sarees are woven by traditional weavers from Kanchipuram district. The silk saree is woven using mulberry silk of excellent purity. The silk threads are sourced from other nearby states like Karnataka. The zari used in these sarees is got from Gujarat and other states.

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These kanjivaram Online saris are made in variety of colors and color combinations. You can checkout the kanjivaram sarees online at https://kanjivaramsilks.com  . One of those kinds is sarees that contain contrasting pallu color. Such sarees require extra effort to weave. The body of the saree is woven separately and the pallu is done separately. On completing these two, they are brought together and joined together by weaving them. Totally, three shuttles are required to weave sarees of this kind.

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In general, sarees that are woven in this method are said to be authentic kanchipuram silk sarees at http://kanchipuramsilksaree.co.in . The two parts need to be woven separately and joined together. One can identify such sarees by taking a look at the joining end of the saree. There will be zig-zag patterns at the meeting point of both the sarees.

Designs such as peacock, sun, moon, chariot, lions, swans, mangoes, coins, jasmine bud, etc are some of those made on Kanjivaram sarees online. Furthermore, Ravi Varma painting and depictions of Indian epics like Ramayanam and Mahabaratham.

These sarees are widely preferred by people for special occasions like wedding, house warming, pongal, diwali, karthigai dheepam, and so on. This saree absorbs the grace with the rich zari and golden threads used in it.

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Earlier, as the silk saree was woven in kanjivaram district, people had to travel to the district whenever they had a requirement to buy the saree. This demanded for large distant traveling. The scenario then changed as merchants started selling the silk saree at other districts of Tamil Nadu and across India too.

Furthermore simplification was made with the introduction of silk sarees in the online media where the users can enjoy better comfort of purchasing with easy payment options and navigation methods.

One can take a keen look at the designs and motifs made on the saree. There will be zooming option in these portals for Kanjivaram pattu saree online. This enables the users to take a deeper look at the sarees.

On making the payment, the buyer can sit back assured of prompt delivery in excellent packaging. There are options for immediate dispatch which you can select if you are urgently in need of the product. On the other hand, you may wait for about one week for getting the delivery made to you.

The kanjivaram silk saree online has in fact simplified the entire process of pattu saree shopping and paved way for the buyers to focus on other arrangements required for special occasions.