Mysore silk sarees

You cannot very easily describe the excellence of silk sarees, yes! The mysore silk sarees when worn by women will give a princes-like feel to her. She can rejoice being gracefully wrapped up in the saree. One of these beautiful sarees is the Mysore saree udyog pattu. They come in vivacious colors and wide range of designs and patterns. What makes it special among the plethora of silk saree varieties available in stores? The specialty of Mysore saree pattu is the minimal design they carry in them.

One who wears it will feel so light and pretty and enjoy maximum comfort among all the other varieties of silk sarees. Earlier, Mysore sarees was solely meant for the use of rich and royal consumers. These mysore sarees general weigh anywhere between 400 to 600gm.

These fantabulous materials are woven using golden threads that deliver complete richness and elegance to the saree. The government eyed on the wide spreading interest absorbed by this variety of saree and this made them launch government silk weaving factory where expert weavers were employed. These weavers had to manufacture Mysore silk sarees here. The mysore sarees woven here were then taken to the rest of the parts of the state and country for sales.

The Maharaja of Mysore brought these silk threads for weaving these graceful sarees. The silk thread needed to weave the saree was imported from overseas nations, particularly Switzerland. Dyeing to these sarees were done only using naturally available pigments. All these measures were taken mainly to meet the needs of Mysore Silk Sarees from the people of rich and royal families.

Gone are those days, and now, we have access to these pretty sarees right at the comfort of our houses. Shopping has got a lot more interesting with the advent of internet and technology. Mysore Silk Sarees  are now available online as Mysore silk Sarees online.

The designs made on these sarees include birds, fruits, etc. These designs are made using pain-staking production method where utmost perfection is ensured in each and every process of weaving the saree.

In other types of silk sarees, there is a mix of silk and other fabrics. However, Mysore silk is exceptional and it only contains pure silk threads. The golden zari used is of 100 percent purity which in turn makes the saree 100 pure on the whole. In fact, it is for this level of purity that the Mysore silk is famous for. The purity of silk fetches the Mysore silk saree with an excellent final look that can give a butter soft feel when worn. The material also doesn’t get crushed which makes the maintenance of the saree very easy.

The user can very easily maintain it. This is washable and durable as well. The color of this type of saree will not fade and remain the same for long years because of high quality zari used for weaving.

How nice it is to buy such an excellent piece of Mysore pattu sarees online enjoying maximum comfort!